Self-Directed Composite Series

The goal of this project was to create a series of photo composites in Photoshop using only images that I shot myself and sticking to a particular theme. I often have trouble sleeping, so I chose to focus on “insomnia.” I’m a quiet person with a busy brain at night so I wanted to convey that, but with a fairytale vibe.

The Process

I didn’t travel too far from home to do these – I shot the flowers in a field I was passing by on the way to the grocery store. The book and my portraits were in my backyard. The clouds are from a sunnier day at the lake near my house.

I did the shots of myself with a timer. I liked the fall leaves but didn’t really like all the brown in the background, so decided to use the flowers as a foreground instead and blend in the clouds.

This project was a huge challenge! I thought the locations and things I had around my house were going to be so boring, but this really stretched my imagination. It taught me to look at my immediate world, what’s right in front of me, with different eyes.