T-Shirt Design

This design was created in response to the book bannings that have been happening in different states. The front includes passages from some of my favorite books the back has a list of recommendations.

Magazine Layout

Suitcase Magazine was a digital magazine and group project focusing on the “return to travel” after the pandemic. I updated the styles and redesigned each article so the final publication has a more cohesive look and focuses more on California travel. Click to view!


This advertisement for Old Forester’s Whiskey was designed to emulate the style of many ads in magazines like GQ that highlight a certain aesthetic for men. The original shoot was with my friend and local photographer Bob Herron and inspired by his love of 1920s fashion.



The client was PFLAG. My goal was to develop three different concepts for this postcard to promote their online program, PFLAG Connects. The concept was based on communication barriers that come up between LGBTQ+ youth and their families – how to explain more current terminology to family members from different generations – as well as “startling statistics” to jolt viewers into paying attention to the issue.

Social Media Graphics

The client was Lola Rain, a marketing consultant who handles promotion for this senior care marketing summit and wanted a new look for the graphics. After learning this conference is the only one of its kind in California, I came up with a concept around technology, networking, and finding like-minded individuals in a “galaxy” of other conferences. I created a series promoting the speakers as well as “thank you” to each sponsor.